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"Thank you for the great software! It has been a pleasure to use every day."

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Bikram Yoga on Donald

"Thank you for the great software! It has been a pleasure to use every day."

"I think your user interface should win a couple of awards out there.
Students are pouring in, questions asked left and right, but just one glance at the screen, and I'm up and running, entering their names as they come in, smile, and go on to change. Fantastic! "Could you please tell me how many passes I have left?", Sure, 3 seconds later I tell her the number of passes."

The Yoga Lounge "I have worked with PranaStudio in two Yoga studios and I appreciate the ease that comes with using it.  I feel that I am able to easily access important information about each student quickly and it facilitates  running the studio smoothly."
Nicole Beaudry
The Yoga Lounge
Everywhere Yoga"I confess; PranaStudio makes me want to cheer. How this software works so smooth & effortlessly is pure bliss. As the owner of a cozy little yoga studio in south Florida I have must say that my greatest joy and "relief" in 2006 has been discovering PranaStudio."

Grace Coffey
Grace Yoga

"No other software program came close to doing what PranaStudio Software can do!!! We are thrilled beyond belief at all we are able to do and store on this program. Not only is the program fantastic but so is the staff at Open Box Inc. Friendly, kind, super competent and helpful!!!"
Aase Lium-Hall
Director of Hemma – the home of yoga and acupuncture


 " I do so appreciate having this system in place - I KNOW it's going to make a tremendous difference to my business. I needed a tool that was going to help save me time, not cost me more. The simple & intuitive menu made it easy to implement, without a lot of training or set-up time."

  Sue Horning
Unity Yoga and Tea

 "PranaStudio is an excellent yoga studio administration program that has efficiently tracked our students, teachers and classes for three years.  It provides everything we need from a technical standpoint, and encourages just the right amount of ‘human’ interaction with our students at the same time."

  Melody Baker

 "If I can help someone chose software that is so great along with a company that is so joyful to work with I would be happy to! "

  Zetta Kinney
Ocean Lotus Yoga

 "Open Box has continually exceeded my expectations in working with them."

  Sherri Harty
City Yoga



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