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These tutorials have been developed to help you understand PranaStudio and assist you in getting the most out of this application.
The tutorial contains the following chapters:
Tutorial 1: Setting up Your PranaStudio
Tutorial 2: Setting up Memberships and Passcards
Tutorial 3: Adding a New Student Record
Tutorial 4: Managing Classes
Tutorial 5: Workshops
Tutorial 6: Creating a Recurring Class
Tutorial 7: Using the Class Calendar
Tutorial 8: Setting up a Barcode Scanner to work with PranaStudio
Tutorial 9: Setting up PranaStudio with POS
Tutorial 10: Adding Products
Tutorial 11: Setting Up Student Accounts
Tutorial 12: Tracking Inventory
Tutorial 13: Creating/Viewing Reports
Tutorial 14: Protecting Your Data (Backup & Restore)
Tutorial 15: Using the Lists
Tutorial 16: Pay Later
Tutorial 17: Using Notes
Tutorial 18: Managing Students
Tutorial 19: Setting up Multiple Studios
Tutorial 20: Security & User Management
Tutorial 21: Using the Transaction Log
Tutorial 22: Constant Contact
Tutorial 23: Payment Processing Integration
Tutorial 24: Setting Up Payroll
Tutorial 25: Selling and Redeeming Gift Cards









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