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PranaStudio’s Features Include:

  • Students:
    • Create, edit, delete and merge students
    • Add memberships, passcards and notes
    • Track class & workshop attendance, medical conditions, birthdays, Yoga experience level, and more
  • Teachers:
    • Create, edit and delete regular studio teachers and workshop teachers
    • View classes and workshops taught by teacher
    • Create, view and follow-up on student notes directed to one particular teacher or all teachers
  • Student Memberships / Passcards:
    • Create new types of memberships/passcards
    • Set cost, length of time and expiry date for each new membership/passcard type
    • Track numbers sold, customize payment tracking (for example, don't allow passcards to be used for workshops)
    • Analyze usage patterns
  • Class & Workshop Attendance:
    • Create individual classes or workshops that contain multiple individual classes
    • Assign teachers to classes
    • Add students to classes and track their method of payment
    • Analyze class and workshop popularity
    • Create your own class types to suit your studio
  • Point of Sale System (POS Version Only):
    • Track products including each item's supplier, category, cost to you, taxes applied and current quantities
    • Record inventory received and lost. PranaStudio automatically calculates changes in quantity when you make a sale and reminds you when items are getting low
    • Store supplier details and contact information for easy reordering
    • View past orders, accept returns, and print duplicate receipts
    • Simple and quick to record walk-in sales and student sales
    • One click sales are great when you are in a hurry
    • Retail reports include:
      • Current Inventory
      • Daily Sales
      • Export Report
      • Low Inventory
      • Sales by Category
      • Sales by Item
      • Snapshot
      • Supplier History
      • Top Ten Sales
  • Reports Include:
    • Attendance Summary
    • Birthday Report
    • Class Attendance
    • Class Details by Class
    • Classes by Date
    • Classes Taught by Teacher
    • Current Memberships/Passcards
    • Daily Schedule Report
    • Insurance Report
    • Passcards/Memberships Sold
    • Passcards/Memberships by Expiry Dates
    • Purchases by Date Range
    • "Students Absent Since" Report
    • Students by Class Type
    • Student's Classes
    • Studio Snapshot
    • Workshop Attendance
    • Workshop Details
  • Personal Touch:
    • Track students’ birthdays, medical conditions, purchases, and use the individual notes to create multiple notes about a student.
    • Use these notes to track major life events, holidays, personal achievements, or daily details, depending on the needs and style of your studio
  • Customization:
    • Create your own class types, memberships and passcards
    • Set class attendance limits
    • Individually turn payment tracking on or off for classes and workshops
    • Set default values for city, province, area code, administrator's email address
    • Adjust length of absence required for a student to be considered "inactive"
  • Communication:
    • Built-in email groups for targeted emails include:
      • All Active Students
      • All Inactive Students
      • All Students
      • All Students with Current Membership
      • All Students with Current Passcards
      • All Students who have had Memberships
      • All Students who have had Passcards
    • In addition you can take a group and decide to remove people to create smaller more individual email groups
  • Documentation:
    • PranaStudio comes with detailed documentation, including screen shots, how-to's, getting started, and frequently asked questions

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